Thanks. I know the series is dense and focused on the negativity of "conservatism." I had quite a few requests to do something like this, and I listened. But maybe I made a mistake. The readership seems to be up a bit, but not much. Nevertheless, having started the task, I am loathe to cut if off until its done. Maybe I can turn it into a book later.

Yes, I did read the podcast transcription. You sent it to me! I think I sent an email thanking you for it. It's truly damning about DeSantis--but then again, his very existence is damning.

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Scott, and write this with the deepest respect for your genuine and sincere work in alerting this nation to the Fascist threat bearing down upon us.

That said, I would suggest this series is, in my mind, like a lecture series on the “Austrian School” of Economics. Understanding the logic and motives of Hayek and Mises may serve some function with economic nerds like me, but I wouldn’t wish forcing anyone I know to read “The Road to Serfdom” to better understand what amounts to free market theology.

I think I was first attracted to your heart, your goodness and concern for your fellow man that was expressed with real fervor in your writing.

For all I know this series is building a huge and well deserved following among your readers and I am just some outlier, so if that’s the case then I commend you for this really arduous effort.

BTW did you see the article in the Feb. Harper’s “See Know Evil” that was the transcription from the excellent Podcast “Eyes Left” - It is an interview with at the time 16 year old kid who suffered out and out torture under the gaze of (drum roll) Ron DeSantis.

I served in a war zone for 18 months and I have to tell you this was some real out and out Christo-Nazi motivated shit.

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