I have a Facebook friend who regularly posts an item she calls “AOTD” — as in “Asshole of the Day” — and it’s always a Republican.

Today I posted the following in response to her AOTD post:

“I do a mental fist pump every time I read your scathing comments about the vile creeps of the modern Republican party. (Not that it was much better at any time in my lifetime, which began during the Eisenhower administration.)

My question to you is this: have you ever succeeded in budging any of the cult-like adherents to the Republican insanity from their views?

I long ago concluded it was a waste of time, not to mention  an effort that I found stressful and anger-producing.

While the most recent iteration of their vileness included separating young children from their parents, a’ la Sophie‘s choice on the ramp at Auschwitz,  they haven’t yet actually set up extermination camps.

And so the parallel to Nazism still falls a bit short, although the century is young. 

Nevertheless, the parallels to Nazism are quite strong. And I do regard the adherents to Republican awfulness as being very similar to Nazis.

And of course I (and you) grew up in a time when the military defeat of Nazis was something America was quite proud of. 

And just as a Jew in 1930s or early 1940s Germany would not waste his breath trying to persuade a committed Nazi of the error of his ways, I see no point in trying to persuade committed Republicans of the viciousness and folly of their beliefs.

They are, in their own way, an equally implacable enemy, that cannot be reasoned with, only defeated.

The question is … how?“

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Excellent piece, sent it to several people.

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Glad you liked it. And thanks so much for sending it on!

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This is truly horrendous! The reckoning, when it comes, must be decisive: EVERYTHING Republicans are trying to do must be overturned and the ashes of their "movement" must be evaporated in the cleansing furnace of the Enlightenment once and for all!

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